Thursday, 21 June 2012

Great America

Paramount Great America was a pretty good park when I visited it in 2012, with a good selection of rides and I recall having a good day in the park. It was there that I had my all-time most favourite rollercoaster experience on what became my number 1 coaster.

Top Gun is an excellent B&M inverter and in 2002 I was lucky enough to get the first ride of the day with the water dummies. The club had been given an ERS on Stealth, their, now absent, flying coaster and being bored of that I headed over to Top Gun instead and the staff let me ride. I also got the last ride of the day when having been running for 2 hours longer than it should have, it was riding insane, so bad that I was blacking out on every lap (yep I rode non-stop for the final hour so probably passed out about a dozen times). All of that just made it my number one, as mental as it sounds.

However come 2012, I didn't feel like going. Some of the rides had been removed, no new ones had been added, and not wanting to taint the memory of my favourite all time rollercoaster experience by riding it again, I chose to spend the day sight-seeing in San Francisco instead.

That's how I roll...sometimes.

The park have announced a new wooden coaster for 2013 so I'll be back (crap, another Arnie reference)

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