Friday, 22 June 2012


2002 saw my first ever major club trip with the European Coaster Club to the American West Coast. With just 3 days notice that someone had dropped out and an invitation to attend I found myself with little time to prepare and I just showed up and went along for the ride, or 70 of them.

10 years later and the club had decided to repeat the trip, visiting the majority of the parks visited a decade ago. There were some new ones and a decision to end the trip in Utah rather than Vegas as we did previously. Whilst I had ridden a lot of the rides, there were still plenty of reasons to revisit. Aside from the parks and rollercoasters I also planned to do some sight-seeing and to feed my other OCD, take some photos of Banksy pieces following his graffiti tour of the US to promote his "Exit Through the Giftshop" film.

and here's the report of that trip, including parks, coasters, elephants, graffiti and random, and sometimes completely made-up ramblings of a madman.

As ever, please take the report in the spirit in which it was written. No offence is ever intended. As Bill Hicks stated, just enjoy the ride.

Let's begin shall we?

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