Tuesday, 19 June 2012


So that was the trip over and done with, and overall as ever with the club trips I couldn't have asked for more (actually some of those down rides being open might have been nice). The pacing of the trip was less intense than others with us not having to pack up for a different hotel every day as usually happens. 

There were some great rollercoasters on the trip with Tatsu and Wicked perhaps being my favourite, the former for the ride experience and the latter simply for the surprising intensity that it offered. X2 was the most scary but purely for the jacket style restraint and fear of it popping open. But the best ride was the bobsleigh run, which admittedly wasn't on the official itinerary, but it's the one ride that I'm not going to forget anytime soon.

It was also great to get away from the coasters to find some excellent graffiti and to see more of San Francisco.

Thanks to Paul and David for pulling the trip together, for a first attempt at trip planning you did a great job.
Also thanks to Lutz for getting the car and driving us around Utah.

Next year's big trip is going to take us to China. See you back here in 2013.

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